SOD Installation

SOD Installation

The removal of any vegetation from the ground is part of the ground preparation process (for example: grass, moss, weeds, etc.). This is the first and most critical step in producing a high-quality lawn. Our technicians accomplish this with a range of equipment, including sod cutters, hydraulic rakes powered by front end loaders, and hand tools. All debris is loaded and hauled away during this process.


One of the most crucial stages in the installation process is grading. We are able to deliver the best performance possible due to our modern equipment and experienced workers. We use machinery and manual labour to properly grade the area, allowing for proper drainage and runoff. If required, topsoil is then added.

Some areas have a strong foundation and do not need topsoil. The soil is used not only as a foundation for sod, but also to maintain the appropriate height and pitch of grade, such as around the house, concrete patios, walkways, ponds, and driveways.

Residential SOD Installation:

After that, the field is hand-graded and ready for sod installation. We give Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue in small (10 sq ft per roll) and wide (200 sq ft per roll) rolls for jobs that need larger quantities and more room, such as athletic fields or larger residential yards. The majority of our installations take just one day to complete.

Commercial SOD Installation:

We’ve installed turf on football fields, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds for over 5 years. Large rolls (approximately 200 sq. ft. per roll) are used for such ventures, allowing for more playing time. Wide industrial complexes, such as factory buildings, retail sites, and other commercial businesses, may also benefit from our SOD installation services.

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