Pool Renovation

For 5 years, we’ve been providing high-quality pool remodelling services to clients all over the county. We have gained the reputation of being one of the best pool remodelers in the world because of our dedication to excellence and customer service. The style of your pool is one of the most important characteristics in your backyard, and it is constantly changing. If you want to turn your pool into your own private luxury vacation spot.

Our pool remodelling experts will complete Full Remodels, as well as repairs on the interior finishes, such as Tile, Coping, Plaster, or even Decking, to add a beautiful and functional frame to your pool.

Resurfacing a Pool

Wjflores will apply the traditional standard white plaster, or add some spice to your pool and spa by applying a Quartz or Pebble finish. We’re looking forward to getting joy back to your yard.

Replacement of Swimming Pool Tiles

WJflores help improve the look of your current pool tile. We can satisfy your needs, whether you want a modern blue glass tile with a shiny finish to complement the blue water in your pool, or the more natural & earthy appearance of stone tiles.

Decking for a Pool

Your pool deck not only serves as a backdrop for the entire pool, but also for the immediate area surrounding it. This is also known as your pool patio, and it is here that the majority of your family and friends spend the majority of their time lounging on lounge chairs or sitting by the pool.

Because there are so many lovely textures and patterns to choose from, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Replacement of the Main Drain Cover

The main drain or drain cover may need to be replaced as part of pool maintenance. Poolwerx provides a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to your particular requirements, ensuring that your pool and hot tub/spa remain enjoyable and safe for all who use it.

If you are looking for the Best Pool Renovation Company in Bristol PA, contact us at +1 (267) 630-0117.

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