Mulch installation

Mulch Installation

Mulch is one of the most basic ways to improve the appearance of your garden and plants. It will improve the overall look of your landscaping while also making your plantings healthier by offering many benefits to the soil. Mulch will save you a lot of time in the long run when it comes to maintaining your landscapes and gardens. Mulched gardens are more weed-free, drought-resistant, and healthier. You’ll spend more time watering, weeding, and battling pest and disease issues if you don’t mulch your lawn. This guide will show you how to instal Mulch properly in your landscape.

Mulch should be applied in the spring or fall. After the soil has warmed up in the spring, it’s best to wait until mid-spring to add mulch in planting beds and around root zones of plants. Mulch can support newly installed plants, particularly in the fall, as it protects the roots from the cold winter weather. Mulch does not have to be applied annually. To prevent over mulching, new mulch should only be applied when required. Mulch may be ploughed into the soil as it ages to facilitate further decomposition and nutrients.

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