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Nothing beats the beauty of well-designed landscaping. Residential landscaping that is well-designed allows homeowners to create an outside retreat to enjoy alone or with friends and family, while also adding to the overall beauty of the home and enhancing curb appeal and overall value.

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    Our landscape design services in New Hope include all of the elements required to help you achieve professional and beautiful landscaping. We provide our clients with attractive, professional landscape design options that meet their desired objectives while taking advantage of exterior elements surrounding your home, from the layout of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers to the incorporation of eye-catching elements such as raised planters, water features, hardscape elements, and more.


    Wjflores is an expert in hardscape design and implementation. For over 5 years, our skilled hardscape contractors have been offering expert craftsmanship and exceptional customer service to homeowners in the surrounding area. We are pleased of our reputation as one of the area’s leading hardscaping service providers, and we invite you to go through this portfolio of some of our best projects.

    Tree Service

    Trees may be cut down for a variety of reasons. The tree could be withering or dead. It could endanger your home, property, vehicles, or pedestrians. Storms could have caused trees to fall or be damaged. Another option is that it is unhealthy or that it is in the way of other trees or plants. We may arrange removal services at Rick’s to ensure that the operation is done safely and correctly. We’ve handled some of the most important jobs the region has to offer.

    Tree removal can be hazardous. It should always be performed by a skilled, professional, and certified arborist. We have the experience and equipment to do the project in a safe and effective manner for you.

    We will chop the tree down, remove all of the wood, and chip up all of the debris. We shall trim the stump as near to the soil grade as possible after the tree has been removed.

    We will cut down the tree, remove all of the wood, and chip up all of the debris. Then, 6-12 inches below the soil, our stump crew will come and grind up your stump and associated roots. For an additional cost, you can have us rake the stump grindings back into the hole or have us come out to remove the mulch, soil, and grass seed.

    Pool Renovation

    Are you ready to restore or renovate your cementitious swimming pool? Wjflores Renovations can help! We are a certified and completely qualified pool replastering company situated in New Hope, PA. We specialize in residential and commercial pool replastering. For then three decades, our swimming pool renovation firm has proudly served Pennsylvania and developed a reputation as a leading source of high-quality solutions.

    Our pool renovation company offers a suite of customized services at affordable prices, including everything from in-ground concrete pool plaster installation and paint removal to fixing cracks and eliminating stains. Whatever your pool renovation needs may be, go with one of the most reputable pool renovation companies in Pennsylvania!