Pool Deck Concepts

Choosing the ideal pool deck design for your space is critical to creating a backyard oasis, whether your pool is above-ground, in-ground, or still being developed. Here are some examples of styles to consider:

The Traditional

A deck that wraps around the entire pool and is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, or simply relaxing. Depending on your preferences, this style can be simple or lavish.

Platform Decking

Similar to the conventional type, but with a raised platform around the pool instead of all-around one-level decking. If you want to add some more sitting or decking areas around your pool, this can be a terrific alternative.

Deck with an L-Shape

If your pool is in the nook of your backyard, an L-shaped deck is a great option to optimize the deck area while also taking advantage of the natural surroundings.

Pergola on the Pool Deck

A pergola on a deck is ideal for homeowners seeking shade from the sun. If necessary, this style can also provide additional privacy.

The Pool Deck, Complete with an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen on your pool deck is ideal for entertaining guests. With plenty of workspace and storage, you’ll have everything you need to prepare a delicious meal outside.

The Tropical Terrace

A tropical deck is ideal for homeowners who wish to feel as if they are on vacation every day of the year. With lush foliage and plenty of deck space, this layout will transport you to the Caribbean.

Wrapping Up

A deck contractor can help you bring your vision to reality, no matter what style of decking you pick. We have plenty of ideas on how to make it great for you and your family, whether you want something basic or all decked out for entertaining.

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