What comes to mind when you hear the word hardscape? It indicated linear concrete walks or walkways leading up to the front door or rather symmetrical routes leading to a rear pool in the early 1980s. However, in today’s homes, innovation is at an all-time high for creative design. Whether you already have a design in mind or are staring at the area blankly, knowing something needs to be done but not knowing what, Cutting Edge can make it happen.

The modern hardscape world is at your fingertips if you are the artistic sort or have an open mind to out-of-the-box design concepts. There are various ways to switch up the levels and patterns. Consider the direction you and your visitors will be facing while designing the beautiful view; the south or west-looking spot receives the greatest sun from dawn to sunset.

Privacy can also be an issue. Consider utilizing taller or fuller shrubs in conjunction with walkways to create a more private atmosphere. But keep in mind that no one will be able to see in, and you will not be able to see out either. Add swings or built-in seats around the perimeter for a more personal effect. According to Better Homes and Gardens, pergolas and arbors contribute to a sense of intimacy and style. When positioned correctly, adding flowers and/or vines can increase your amount of privacy.

Consider installing a water feature to drown out unpleasant noises. There are numerous options available in a number of pricing ranges to suit your needs. The natural flow of water is a stress-relieving healer, so it naturally becomes a relaxing setting. Water, according to HGTV, can also serve as a divider between the seating area and the environment. Consider a pond or a water fountain with various-sized rocks to create a relaxing and quiet ambiance.

Another option is to install a trellis or a fence of varying heights to create privacy in high-traffic areas and stunning vistas in other locations. Trellis screens are another inventive way to spruce up your outdoor space. Trellis is available in a range of hues, allowing you to choose soothing colors to soothe or vibrant colors to make a statement. Consider adding flowers and greenery to some places of the sculpture if you utilize lattice for a non-traditional creative addition.

When designing pathways, consider using a variety of stones to line the path. When guests enter your area, use pebble rock blended with a variety of walkway stones or flat rock to create a mood-enhancing focal point. Consider big granite boulders piled up along the terraced stairs for those pesky hillsides. These hardscapes provide an ideal setting for displaying plants. Adding soft foliage or light-colored plants and flowers to the boundaries aids in the formation of a guided route.

Garden paths can be utilized to direct the attention to a focal point and create interest, or they can simply provide access. Your choice will have an impact on your design—a decorative path may take a winding course, whereas an access route is more likely to take a straight line. You can make routes out of a single material or a combination of surfaces. Consider arranging slabs or pavers in a variety of patterns. Using bricks instead of, or in addition to, pavers is another modern approach that adds interest.

Another creative concept is to mix landscape materials when designing decks and gates. Add a wrought-iron gate to wooden fencing, for example, or vice versa. Color on the deck isn’t always limited to the items it carries; brightly colored posts or stairs offer a dash of color to your retreat.

Feel free to make whatever ideas you come up with your own. Wjflores would love to collaborate with you, whether you have your own ideas or require our creative expertise. A calming alteration, however modest, is simply a phone call away.

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