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    Welcome to Wjflores Landscaping & Hardscaping!! We are concentrated in an array of hardscapes, including patios, retaining walls, stone and gravel walkways just to name a few, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance serves all your landscape and hardscape needs. Going above and beyond to surpass your expectations, Dynamic Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance offers both complex and more simplistic designs to highlight the attributes of your property. We are providing quality work. If you are thinking “best landscapers near me” - We are here!!
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    Client Testimonials

    Janet Johnson
    Janet Johnson
    April 8, 2022.
    Irene Kim
    Irene Kim
    October 15, 2021.
    No Need lots of Words!! Mr. Jose and his crew are amazing. Mr. Jose is veryKnowledgeable and always make a good communication with client to make a perfect job. I am so glad to work with him during my big project. I highly recommend him to use for your next project lanscaping or hardscaping!! My neighbors are already used this company a lots! BEST Landscaping company! You won’t regret it!
    Glenn Papaleo
    Glenn Papaleo
    August 20, 2021.
    Jose did a retainer wall and designed and planted multiple flower beds. Jose and his crew did an amazing job. His prices are very reasonable. He was patient and came back multiple times to finalize the projects before starting. I have already recommended Jose to all my neighbors.
    Nilda Hamlin
    Nilda Hamlin
    June 24, 2021.
    Jose and his team were wonderful. Very detailed organized and friendly. I appreciate his professionalism and expertise. He cares about his customers.
    Theresa A P
    Theresa A P
    June 16, 2021.
    We are incredibly pleased with the services provided by WJFlores Landscaping! The landscapers used by our new home builder did a horrible job with Landscaping leaving us with a dead tree and poor plant selections. Jose consulted with us customizing our Landscaping. We are delighted with our new Landscaping! Great Job! We would gladly recommend their services!
    J NOVA
    J NOVA
    May 11, 2021.
    Good and professional
    Catherine Reyes
    Catherine Reyes
    December 27, 2019.
    Jose did a patio in my back yard and he did a very great job on time and a very nicely job I really highly and recommend this company.

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